The Professional Gamer - May 11, 2018

This has been a pretty good week for enjoying some geeky past-times. Let's talk about some anime and a new mobile game that I've found.

As I mentioned last week, I've been watching Overlord. So far, I watched all of the first season, and am giving myself a little bit of a season break now. The first season was a lot of fun. Initially, I was concerned that the amount of fanservice was going to distract from the storytelling. Fortunately, after the first few episodes, the amount of boobs and butt on screen went down to a less distracting level, and the series got on with the more interesting ideas that it wanted to explore. Even though this series is also an isekei, the setup and personality of the main character really help differentiate it from other shows in the genre. For one, we have a character who is interested in taking over the world, which the typical isekei hero would not consider. And he is very invested in his underlings, primarily because they are a reminder of the friends he has left behind. To summarize, its a good show, go watch it.

Next up, in seasonal anime, I've been watching Wotakoi. The series follows some 20-something geeks in Japan as they go through the process of giving up on love with normies and start dating each other. It's a good start for a romance series.

Also, I watched all Aggretsuko in a vicious binge. If you haven't checked it out already, you should go for it. Lot's of fun and lots of catharsis for those who work bad office jobs.

Lastly, I found a great little mobile game. Did you enjoy doing geometric constructions (all that stuff with compasses and straight-edges) in high school? Then, I have a game for you. Euclidea is a game where you are given a geometric problem to solve, with limited tools to use. In addition, you are encouraged to find several different ways to solve it. My only complaint, is that the developers want you to purchase the different puzzles piecemeal. Alternatively, you can just solve all of the puzzles in every way possible to earn more. I'm going to try that first, and if it fails, then I'll move on to purchasing things.

That's all I have for now. Have a great week and game on!