The Professional Gamer - February 23, 2018

Everything was going along swimmingly, until I got sick this week. Before that, I spent a lot of time playing Diablo III before that. I also had a couple of long days in the field this week. Given my current level of fatigue, I'm going to keep the post short this week.

I've been watching A Place Further than the Universe during the past week, trying to catch up to the broadcast. The show is still a lot of fun, with interesting and realistic characters. I've also caught up with the Ancient Magus' Bride. And, according to Crystal, we should soon be passing the manga that has been released in the US. Once I have some more space in my reading schedule, I'll have to add the Ancient Magus' Bride to my docket.

In Diablo III news, I finished the regular campaign and in a moment of weakness purchased the expansion. I've started playing through it, and am enjoying it as much as I enjoyed the main campaign. Which is to say, I'm not really paying attention to the story at all, but do enjoy clicking on all the baddies until they die. If you're interested in watching me play through, and maybe listen to some public radio along the way, you can do so on Twitch. I typically post on my Twitter when I'm starting to stream, so check me out when you get a chance.

That's all I've got for this post. I'll catch you next time. Have a great week and game on!