Nan Desu Kan Day 3 Discussion

The last day of the convention is always bittersweet. By Sunday morning, I’m usually pretty tired for the long hours and lots of excitement about everything happening around me, so I’m eager to go back to my regular working life. But, I love the energy that comes from being surrounded by people who share a common passion. Sunday morning was filled with guest interviews (which you can listen to here). I followed that up with a few more panels, and then made my way home and back to regular life.

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Nan Desu Kan Day 2 Discussion

Oh man, Saturday at the convention is always a busy day, and this was no exception. I had several interviews scheduled this day (head over here if you want to listen to them), and made as many panels as I could manage while leaving time to eat, look at costumes, and check out the dealers room. It’s a big day, so let’s get started.

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Daku Con

Hi everyone! Chris and I are at Daku Con this weekend. I’ll have an a Professional Gamer post up tomorrow. Meanwhile, watch our Twitter feeds (@iproteus and @thegameslave) for regular updates during the convention.

Nan Desu Kan Day 1 Discussion

Hello anime fans! Over the next few days I'll be posting some discussion of what I did and what I saw at NDK 2018, day by day. This is going up a lot later than originally planned due to having a busy personal life and, simply, wanting to spend my few hours outside of work or volunteering having fun for me. But here it is now, discussion about what I did during Day 1 of NDK this year.

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The Professional Gamer - June 22, 2018

In years past, Denver Comic Con has been horribly draining for me; taking a lot of energy and not giving a lot back. But this year was different. I spent most of the weekend helping Crystal at her table (table BB-8, just by chance). From behind the table, I was able to talk with a lot of attendees and see a lot of cool costumes. Still, I had a quick look through Chris's photos, and there were a whole lot of costumes that I missed. I took some photos too, if you are into that sort of thing. Click on in for more discussion about anime and video games.

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